New Generation Suite: A World Of Social Possibilities


Social Horizons.
Seamless integration between devices now comes as standard with i-Got-Control. Want to sync multimedia from your iPhone to your Smart TV? This is now possible with a single click.

You asked for social integration and we listened. With your remote, you can now readily share content from your Instagram and Facebook feeds with friends and other devices. Regardless of whether you have privacy activated or not, i-Got-Control offers full shareability of both public and private content between compatible devices.

Tailored For iOS.
Other apps (including Peel) are engineered primarily for Android. The iGi development team focuses its energy on iOS to offer you a seamless user experience.

A Learning Remote.
i-Got-Control learns from your behavior and continually adapts to your needs. A true 'learning' remote, the latest stable release of our app is engineered for customizability. Find out more about our products, or visit Amazon.

"i-Got-Control™" is a product of iGi™ Corp.
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