Infrared Remote Control Dongle for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

i-Got-Control®: Software for the  IRB1, available as a free download.

Available from the app store, the latest release of i-Got-Control represents years of continuous improvement. Our pragmatic development ethos means the needs of our customers are put above all other objectives. We listened to constructive feedback to bring you a best-in-class smartphone remote.

i-Got-Control is the companion app for the IRB1 dongle. You can now utilize your smart remote with a range of new commands, including:

- Post to Instagram/Facebook then sync media to compatible Smart TVs with a single click.
- Use your smart remote to communicate with other iOS devices.
- With a single click, share public and private media with friends.

i-Got-Stood-Up®: iPad, Tablet and E-Book Reader Stand for use at Home, at the Office or on the Road


Apple 30 Pin to USB Power/Sync Cable Available in 1 meter and 12 centimeter lengths

Available in White, Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Green and Pink.

"i-Got-Control®" is a product of iGi® Corp.
Contact Us at questions@i-got-it.com
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