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Q: How does i-Got-Control work?
A: Simply download the free i-Got-Control application via iTunes and connect the compact IRB1 accessory to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad via the 30-pin dock connector. Launch the i-Got-Control application and select the devices you wish to control via the user-friendly interface. After you choose the make and model of your IR devices, simply save your settings and now you've got control!

Q: What hardware and software do I need?
A: i-Got-Control can be used with any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running OS 3.0 or higher and that has the i-Got-Control application software.

Q: How big is the i-Got-Control accessory?
A: The i-Got-Control attachment is extremely light and compact. Its dimensions are 50mmb (L) x 29.6mm (W) x 10.4mm (H), and it weighs half an ounce (14 grams).

Q: Does it need batteries? How is it powered?
A: No, no batteries are required to use i-Got-Control, as it is powered by your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Q: What is the IR output distance?
A: Approximately 30 feet.

Q: How many devices does i-Got-Control support?
A: i-Got-Control contains IR codes from thousands of consumer electronic devices worldwide, making the number of devices supported nearly unlimited. The devices are organized via screen pages that are created automatically, as needed, with up to nine devices per page.

  Q: What if my remote codes are not included in the IRB1 Library?
A: i-Got-Control is capable of learning IR codes from your devices remote. Simply enter Learn Mode for the desired button in the i-Got-Control software and point the original remote at the IRB1. Quickly tap the button of the function to be sent and it will be stored in the software.

Q: How many codes can be learned into the i-Got-Control software.
A: Unlimited. Each learned IR code requires approximately 50 bytes of memory. Since the codes are stored within the iPhone, 1MB of memory is enough for almost 800 remotes! And that doesn't include the THOUSANDS of remotes that are already built into the IRB1 accessory!

Q: Can I use i-Got-Control with my iTunes library?
A: Yes. Simply select Apple from the Audio Accessory category and tap the play button. Tapping Disk Menu will start Front Row. This remote is similar to the standard Apple IR Remote.

Q: What if I live outside the US. Does i-Got-Control support International AV Equipment?
A: The Built in Library has codes for devices from around the world including Sky, Foxtel and Eurostar Set Top Boxes Cable Boxes.

Q: Can I control my Lights or AC with i-Got-Control?
A: Yes. i-Got-Control has a whole section of codes for Home Control such as Lutron, GE, X10 and many more. Also with the intelligent IR learning feature, almost any device with an IR remote can be learned in and controlled.

Q: What is the Master Volume Feature?
A: The Master Volume feature allows you to control a single devices Volume from within any selected Remote page. This is typically the TV's Volume or a Surround Receiver's volume. You can also raise or lower the volume by simply swiping your finger UP or DOWN on any page making i-Got-Control the easiest remote to operate.

Q: Sometimes after learning a command it keeps issuing the code after the button is pressed? How to I stop this?
A: If the learned command keeps playing first hit the button again to make it stop. And then re-learn the command and make sure to use only a very quick tap from the teaching remote button.

Q: What happens if the i-got-Control app doesn't flip to the proper orientation when the IRB1 is installed.
A: Simply remove the IRB1 and re-insert it making sure it is making good connection with the 30-pin dock connector. When the IRB1 is inserted correctly, the led's in i-Got-it should blink Green four times. The Application (when running) should flip 180° degrees ready to take control!

Q: What happens if I am at my local bar and my friends and I want to watch the local sports game instead of the Cooking Channel?
A. Use your IRB1 and i-Got-Control app to "Take Control" and let the majority win!
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